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Welcome to Portjam & Co.!


What is Portjam & Co.? It’s a travel blog for adventurers who manage to explore the world while still working at full-time careers. Travel doesn’t stop when you get home, oh no. Not only do you bring your memories home, but you come home a changed person, one who bares the invisible but very palpable stamp travel imprints upon you. You also bring home a more varied palate, your ears tuned to foreign music, and a sense of fashion attuned to the style of the lands you’ve visited. So to keep that momentum going, Portjam & Co. encourages you to get out in your hometown and explore with the eyes of a traveller. You just might find a gem hidden in plain sight and find out that “home” can be just as fun as abroad!


What does “Portjam” mean? Portjam is a flip of the armenian word “jamport” meaning traveller. (I am both)


Portjam & Co. Origins


Portjam & Co. was started by yours truly in the Spring of 2015. It was a long time coming I’d say, as I’ve been travelling and planning trips for as long as I can remember! I had a lightbulb moment one afternoon that lead to jotting down idea after idea, until finally I had filled several large Post-Its with something resembling the bones of this blog.


Venice Beach


Who is “Jamporter”?


Jamporter is me, and my name is Tamar. I’m an electrical engineer by day, lucky enough to travel for work on occasion, and always planning my next vacation. In fact, I’m big on reading up on different destinations, what defines them and what makes them unique. That’s usually how I decide where I’ll be headed to next (that and movies, and Instagram, and storytelling friends). I’m also big on thinking and living outside the box. Which box? Any box! What do I mean by that? To use travel as an example, I like to rough it and then not. I enjoy discovering food in a hole in a wall, and also make reservations at a higher end eatery. Travel is a pursuit of curiosity and my curiosity is at cat levels. There are many things to discover in the nooks and crannies of the world, and I intend of unearthing my share of experiences.


So… Why “& Co.”?


One of the best parts of travel is getting to share it with someone, whether that be by experiencing destinations together or by recounting your solo tales from abroad or even comparing notes on travels past. I wanted to incorporate that spirit into my blog, to expand its reach in both lands travelled and different viewpoints.


Fun facts:

  • I’m always making itineraries to destinations I plan on visiting in the near (and far) future.
  • Food = memories. I like to recreate the dishes I so loved while abroad. Or try to anyway.
  • I somehow end up taking vacations along coastlines without intending to… like 75% of the time.
  • I love me a long layover. It’s like a trip wrapped in a trip.
  • Movies, tv shows, and books about travel (or featuring a city or country) ignite my wanderlust.


Safe travels,





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