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International Education

Opportunities in international education

International education offers important opportunities for intercultural exchange. It is also a significant economic sector, which is worth around $32 billion to the Australian economy and $70 billion to the Chinese economy. These exists significant opportunities in this growing sector, and Port Adelaide has placed itself at the forefront. It has developed a partnership with The University of Adelaide to explore Transnational Educational Partnerships, pathway programs or other forms of collaboration. With its significant connections in both Australia and China, and its capacity to smooth a path between respective parties, Port Adelaide is developing a reputation as a trusted and effective intermediary.

Case Study: Jincheng and The University of Adelaide

Port Adelaide’s has successfully united two significant partners, Jincheng Group and The University of Adelaide, for mutual benefit. An initial scoping visit from Jincheng Group in August 2018 was a strong platform from which commercial discussions were launched. On this visit, Jincheng Group held meetings with the Chancellor of The University of Adelaide, the Premier of South Australia, the Lord Mayor of Adelaide, and the (then) Federal Minister for Education, Hon Simon Birmingham. And, of course, the Jincheng Group representatives also witnessed one of Australian sport’s greatest spectacles: Showdown. Now, the two parties are collaborating on a Foundation Course, bringing significant student flows to The University of Adelaide.

Power Connect Internship Program

Thanks to our partnership with the University of Adelaide, Faculty of the Professions, PAFC partners now have broader access and better opportunities than ever before to connect with the University’s star students.

Internships allow organisations to get involved in developing the next generation of business leaders, while gaining insights from their interns.

Benefits to your organisation:

  • INNOVATION: Interns offer new skills that complement your existing employee skill set
  • ENHANCED PERSPECTIVE: Interns have diverse skills and experience levels. They provide a positive energy and offer new perspectives on old problems.
  • BUILD INTO NEW MARKETS: Many students speak multiple languages. They can benefit your business by facilitating overseas links.
  • IDENTIFY TALENT: Internships are an effective way to identify new employees.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: There are no charges to your business and interns are fully insured by the University of Adelaide.

Interns are sourced from the following disciplines -



For further information please contact:


Education Program Manager – China Engagement

Port Adelaide Football Club

08 8447 9907


“Being an intern at PAFC was an excellent experience, the skills I gained and the situations I was exposed to during the internship and also part-time work which I was offered with PAFC following the conclusion of my internship have placed me in an excellent position to further my career. All this while working at a fun organization with a great culture while working with and around sport every day, was a perfect fit for me.”

- Ashley - CRM Data Analyst with the PAFC Commercial Team Nov 2019



Power Footy

Power Footy is an integral element of our work in the international education sector. Designed to enhance understanding in Chinese students planning to study in Australian universities, Power Footy is a program offered to significant education groups in China as part of a broader commercial agreements with Chinese education groups.

Power Footy is also a highly visible expression of intercultural exchange between Australia and China. It better prepares young Chinese people for life as an international student in Australia. An understanding of, and passion for, our indigenous sport will expand social circles once in Australia. Although part of an important pillar of our commercial strategy, Power Footy is designed to achieve significant human outcomes.

Power Footy is currently delivered in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Chengdu.